Aquila Energy’s operations are governed by criteria tried and tested in remote and difficult locations.
Asset Identification and Evaluation Criteria:
  • Focus on mature provinces with multiple opportunities to take advantage of local knowledge
  • Identify discovered but undeveloped onshore and offshore fields in mature oil and gas provinces with high contingent reserves
  • For onshore fields, confirm existing or potential access to functioning infrastructure for export
  • For offshore fields, confirm development feasibility through access to existing export infrastructure or floating systems (FPSO)
  • Re-assess existing seismic data and well logs and reprocess legacy seismic data - look for Missed Pays
  • Plan new high resolution 2D and, where appropriate, 3D seismic and related drilling programme
  • In parallel identify upside potential in adjacent fields through log evaluation of abandoned wells with Missed Pay potential
Production Technology Criteria:
  • Drill new well(s) with directional drilling to access untapped areas of the field
  • Apply optimal wellbore and advanced completion technologies to enhance production
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