Aquila Energy’s current strategy is to build a portfolio of high yielding global oil and gas assets developed on a sustainable basis.

The primary focus is to identify onshore and offshore discovered but not producing fields in mature oil and gas provinces with potential for major production using the latest technologies.

The secondary focus is on marginal fields in mature provinces where the latest technologies can identify missed opportunities.

Aquila creates value by solving the technical, commercial, community or political problems that have prevented development in the past.

Key elements of Aquila’s strategy are:

• Working to the highest ethical, safety, and environmental protection standards
• Partnering with local companies and stakeholders
• Being cost-effective in all operations
• Arranging innovative financing
• Implementing best practice and state-of the art technologies
• Using best qualified advice on production contract and legal issues
• Taking full account of cultural and local community constraints
Aquila’s initial focus was in the Sub-Saharan Africa and North Africa which are playing an increasingly important role in both oil and gas markets of the world. New regions are also being investigated.
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